Information on Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are messages (files) written in your browser by your server. When you return to a Web page, your browser sends the 'cookie' information to the server. This information identifies you, and your preferences, making it possible to alter a Web site to your needs.

Aviation Learning Portal cookies are temporarily written to your computer's memory (RAM). No cookies will be written to your hard drive.

Why does Aviation Learning Portal require cookies?

Aviation Learning Portal uses cookies to ensure the privacy of your account when you enter secure parts of our site. Cookies allow you to login and participate in sessions. When you quit your browser, the cookie will be erased from memory.

How do I accept cookies? How do I turn off cookie notification?

To accept cookies, you must change your browser settings. We also recommend that you turn off the cookie notification in your browser. (When cookie notification is turned on, the browser notifies you every time a cookie is being retrieved.)

What about my privacy? (Cookies and Privacy)

The Aviation Learning Portal does not use cookies to gather information about your Web surfing habits, your interests, or to track down any other information without your prior knowledge or consent.

When you quit your browser, Aviation Learning Portal cookies will be erased from memory.